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Computer Salvage For Sale
On this page you will find Salaveged items we offer for sale! If you have any
questions you can email me at:

All orders over $100 will now ship free, orders $99.99 or less will ship for a flat $10.95
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Scrap & Salvage On Hand.
The items listed on this page are salvaged items. Items for re-use have been tested and
found to be functional while in my possion. If you receive an item that is not functional it has
been damaged in transport, an insurance claim will have to be filed with USPS for damages
to recover any losses. We Do Not Off Refunds Or Returns On Salvage Or Scrap Items! All Sales
Are As Is And Final Unless Otherwise Noted In The Item Description. No Acceptions!

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(CD DVD Drives)
IDE CD Roms, IDE DVD Reader Writers,
SATA DVD Reader Writers. Please be sure you select the
correct item from the dropdown list below. This is a

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(Used Power Supply)
Used power supplies, with or without on/off switch. Use as a replacement
for your computer, or can be converted to use for other projects. If you need
a specific shape or size, contact me first to see if I have one. Other wise you
will receive a random Power Supply.

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(SATA Data Cable Lots)
This is a lot of ten (10) mixed size cables. They can be from
6 to 18 inches in legnth, striaght or 90 degree plug, random
colors. I will do my best to give a good mix of sizes.
Price...$3.00 per lot

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(Used Cooling Fans)
Use as a replacement for your computer, or can be used for other projects.
Fans may or may not have a plug, and will be sent randomly If you need a
specific plug or wire configuration , contact me first to see if I have one.
Other wise you will receive a random fan in the size you ordered.

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(Fan Lot)
This is a lot of ten (10) mixed fans. Great for your projects!
Price...$12.00 for the lot.

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(Laptop DVDRW + CDRW)
These are DVD Multi Read Write Drives. They are 12mm thick.
Please remember these will come without face plates or the rear
mounting brackets. You will need to save these pieces from your
device and remount them on the divice your ordered so it will fit
properly in your laptop. SEE PIC TO THE LEFT
Price...$6.00 each.

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