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{}Hand Poured Silver Art Bars, Castings{}

Our BYS Bars and Pours are categorized according to size dimensions and are as follows:

Type.......(A Bars) approx., 31mm x 12mm
Type.......(B Bars) approx., 42mm x 16mm
Type.......(C Bars) approx., 44mm x 24mm
Type.......(D Bars) approx., 64mm x 29mm
Type....(SM Bars) approx., 32mm x 18mm
Skulls...(Regular) approx., 35mm x 21mm
Skulls.......(Large) approx., 44mm x 30mm
Channel Bars........approx., 51mm x 32mm

Weights will vary according to the thickness.

Please do not order multiples of hand poured items.
The one pictured is the only one available!

None At This Time

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